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The Clan is recruiting    
About The Clan    

The Clan is an international Republic guild on the Bloodworthy server.
What we aim for is to become a community that has fun while playing together in both PvE and PvP.
The aim of The Clan is to become a group of players that work together towards common goals.
Goals such as completing Flashpoints, quests and warzones together.

The officers of the clan have a combined time of over two decades of running raids in numerous MMO's in different guilds.
Ranging from Ryzom to World of Warcraft.

I brainstormed on a cool or wicked name for quite some time, but in the end decided to go with The Clan as a name for the guild. It's simple and stands for what we as a guild are aiming to become. A tight knit group of players that know one anothers play style, strengths and weaknesses.

The Clan

Guild News & Announcements    

Raid times.

Oldurama, Feb 17, 12 4:56 AM.
After receiving all your feedback we have decided on a raid day and times.

From now on The Clan will raid on tuesday from 21:00 untill 0:00 GMT+1
When we decide it's time to start raiding 2 days a week the second raiding day will be thursday from 21:00 untill 0:00 GMT+1
Ofcourse all raids will have a break somewhere in the middle so people can go afk a bit and stretch their legs.

On another note, for next week we will go into the Vault again, the week after that we will pay a visit to Karagga's Palace and see how that will go.
Once we think people are geared good enough we will move onto Hard Mode Operations!
and who knows, maybe one day we will share some nightmares together.

The Vault cleared and more info about future raids. A must read!

Oldurama, Feb 15, 12 9:29 PM.
Today The Clan stepped into the Vault for the very first time and cleared out the entire place of everything that was in there!
When the Op began I told people that if we would find ourselves unable to make it past the first boss it would be ok and we would try again next week, but we actually cleared it clean!
I'm very very proud.

Now on about future raids.
Voting for the raid day is now closed.

We have a slight situation here about days when some people absolutely can't make it.
So far wednesday and thursday are out of the question because of Carl and Terrahell.
Friday, saturday and sunday are in the weekend when people should really go outdoors instead of game.
Another point is that Lashandra will never be able to make it on a friday, saturday or sunday.
Right now I'm thinking tuesday would be good because it's the day on which the Operations all reset. Should we go mondays we'd be behind all the other guilds.

About the time, Jianna will never be able to make the current raid time of 20:00 till 23:00 (all times always GMT+1)
I asked quite a few people if they would be ok with raiding from 21:00 untill midnight and everyone I asked was ok with it.
The officers will come together as soon as possible to decide on which day will become our steady raiding day.
We are also going to discuss about whether or not to implement a second raiding day and if we do, when we should implement it.

We will let you know as soon as we find out. In the meantime I have taken the liberty to create an Operation for next tuesday, so if you can make it sign up. This is just for next week, if we are sure about what the best day would be we will let you know as soon as possible.

First Operations is up.

Oldurama, Feb 11, 12 7:21 PM.
The very first Operation has been planned!
Go to the Event Center and sign up now.

Ventrilo is up!

Oldurama, Jan 24, 12 4:19 AM.
The Clan Ventrilo Server is up!

Check the private part of the forum for the info on how to connect and join us on ventrilo to chat and stay connected.

Founders thoughts.

Oldurama, Jan 3, 12 10:13 PM.
Some thoughts I would like to share with you all.

I've played MMO's for over a decade and enjoy them very much, especially the social aspect of them.
In my opinion nothing is more fun than going with a group of people from all over the galaxy to accomplish like minded goals.
In my years of playing MMO's, no matter which one, I've always been in a clan or guild.
I have always been very active in helping them progress.

This time however I'm going to do things different by starting my own guild.
When I mentioned the thought of creating a guild a wise Jedi asked me ''why do you want to start you'r own one?''
This to me was a very good question which I feel deserves an answer.
In all my years of playing MMO's I saw a lot of guilds fall apart.
Some build themselves up again.
Most didn't.

There are a lot of reasons why guilds fall apart.
From my personal experience it is however mostly due to bad management or neglecting leadership.
Therefore I took it upon myself to start The Clan.

I have faith that the Clan will stand strong, not because I'm leading it, but because of the dedicated members that fill up her ranks.

May the force be with you all.
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